Travel and accommodation

Modena Tourist office website || Reggio Emilia Tourist office website

Click the map to see a Google Maps saved list of all the venues of the Staff Week.

How to reach us

By plane

Our University is in the north of Italy and the nearest airport is Bologna BLQ (airport website)

From there, Modena is a 45 minutes commute by train, Reggio Emilia is a 60 minutes commute by train.

By train from Bologna airport

  • Commute to "Bologna centrale" Railway station with Aerbus (20 minutes).
  • Commute to "Bologna centrale" Railway station with Peoplemover (7 minutes). The service will start on March, 7th.

Look for local or regional trains with routes towards one of the following directions: Milano, Torino, Genova, Piacenza.

  • Modena central railway is the one named "Modena" (not "Modena Piazza Manzoni")
  • Reggio Emilia central railway is the one named "Reggio Emilia" (not "Reggio Emilia AV" or "Reggio Mediopadana", this is for high speed trains only)

By coach from Bologna airport

You can also commute directly by bus. Modena is a 50 minutes commute, Reggio Emilia is a 60 minutes commute.

More informations on official VisitModena and official Reggio Emilia tourism website.


Our university is spreaded on two cities, so it's up to you to decide where to book your hotel/bnb/similar: the week calendar contemplates 3 days in Modena and 1 day in Reggio Emilia (for this day tickets for the commute by train back and forth from Modena will be provided by our organization).


Where to stay

  • Accommodations selection on VisitModena website, curated by Modena Tourist Information and Assistance Office

How to move

Reggio Emilia

Where to stay

How to move

Other useful info for your trip to Italy


UE citizens can use their voice and data plan in Italy under the same conditions of their country.

Our university campuses are covered by local WiFi and Eduroam network.

  • Check if your institution is part of the Eduroam network: you will be able to login with your own username and password
  • If not, we can provide guest access. You will be asked about this if selected for participating.

Also, you can freely access the open Emilia-Romagna WiFi hotspots (website in Italian) of our cities.


Italy is part of the Eurozone. You can change your local currency with € at the Bologna BLQ Airport (here).

You can change UK pounds and Swiss Franks while in Modena here and while in Reggio Emilia here.

Credit cards and other international payment cards are accepted everywhere.

UK citizens, Erasmus+ and Brexit

All the informations on how Brexit affects Erasmus+ mobility for our UK colleagues here.