Staff Week 2020 official program

Complete program [updated Feb. 2020]

Some activities are still under development, so please come back to check the updates.

You can have an overview of the program at the bottom of this page and download the complete program in pdf here (last update 11/02/2020)


The Staff Week will be held for 3 days in the city of Modena and 1 day in the nearby city of Reggio Emilia. We will work together in some of the university libraries and we will visit some city libraries.

You can open a Google Maps saved list of all the Staff Week venues from this shortlink:

Details on activities

Staff Weeks are meant for active participation, culture and social time; and that's what we are working on.

Icebreaking activities

We are preparing some fun and entertaining stuff to create informal environment and feels.


Be ready to participate to our library science based games! More on this soon.

"Wish you were here"

We named this cycle of 3 activities after the famous 1975 Pink Floyd song, because they are about the places we want to show you.

"Today's special"

On Tuesday and Wednesday we will have a theme "menu" and we want to hear you about your projects, your work and workplace, your experiences about the daily topics.

"Girls on film"

We like to communicate our services using real librarians with real students: we will talk about our BiblioSpot project and with the help of the director Luca Marrone we will show you how we realized them.

"Women and librarians first"

We don't want to spoil too much about this, but it will be an active seminar with a theoric introduction followed by a little and easy training on abilities that... we hope you will never need!

"The road so far"

There is a long-running tv show that, in the last episode of every season, recaps with this title what happened. So we will with our last workshop focused on your feedbacks at the end of the week.