Staff Week 2020: how to submit your application


To submit your application for the Staff Week, please click the image below and fill the form (link also here).

If selected, you'll be asked to show a presentation during the staff week about the favorite topics you chose in the form.

You will get a copy of your application via email.


Max participants: 10

Restrictions: 2 people from the same country

Language: English

Costs: no fees

Accommodation: travel and other expenditures, not included, are covered by the participants for which they can make use of Erasmus+ grants for staff mobility

Erasmus+ mobility program documents: our institution will provide the participants all the hosting documentation


  • Applications start: 10/01/2020
  • Applications end: 28/03/2020
  • Responses: first week of April 2020


Please contact the staff week coordinator Mr. Michele Pola if you encountered any problem with the form, or if you have any question about the event.


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